How did I come to know about Modern Pranic healing
September 16, 2006
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My first introduction to pranic healing

My first introduction to pranic healing: I came in touch with healing through prana when I read the book Science of Prayanama by Swami Sivananda of Rishkesh, when I was in college around 1991. When I read the book I didnt understand how prana was transfered to the affected part or the relationship between energy body and physical body. I just tried out what ever Swamiji had mentioned in the book. It did miracles in, healing small pains of friends in hands, wrists or leg. I combine it with prayers, Of course the techniques given in book can be used to heal others, I felt those were primarily for self spiritual development and self healing. I used the pranayama techniques for self development. And also saw a great deal of improvement in my overall life.

I was experimenting with healing with prana on my own self when I used to have pains in wrists and joints. being a computer professional I used to experience pain in the wrist. I used to get healed in one two sessions.

The Great Book: Science of Pranayama
The book was a gift to me from the great ones. The book hardly costs Rs/- 60 or 70/-. Its a worth every paisa for a serious practitionar. Swamiji talks of how pranayama can help people over come stress, tension, diseases, and how it can enrich ones life. How using the techniques taught in the book you could become an advanced student in period of 3 or 4 months for a fast track student. The energy levels in the book is amazing. If you are into pranic healing, you should scan the energy levels the books, particulary this book. I dont have words to describe the wonderful joyous feeling of having the book and practising what is taught in it.

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