This is a 4 hour course. It will briefly touches up on the concepts of stress. The main theme of this course is to identify stressfull condition and resolve and remove the stress. It also provide tools to remove the stress full conditions in ones system. Though the course is designed based on principles of Pranic Healing, for attending and benefiting from this course one need not know anything about pranic healing or anything like that.

The following is a testimonial of Associate Dean and Principal of College of Agriculture, Acharya N G Ranga Agriculture University. This particular class was attended by a group 200 participants.

Cost of the course
This course will cost Indian Rs 300/USD 20 per participant. Minimum Number of participants 100.

Course Material

  • Stress Measurement chart
  • Pamphlet on stress management
  • Pamphlet on pranic healing,
  • Great Invocation Chart
  • Cassette on Meditation on Twin Hearts
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