• MK(Assist Professor in a Private Engineering College), writes: I am working as Asst Professor in an engineering college near chilkur balaji temple. One of my experience in Twin Hearts is listening to sounds of Om from within and series of lights appearing clearly and in Soul Meditation, I experienced higher beings, some teachings were being explained to me in very highly spiritual way. I experienced higher consciousness. All this happened with 3 months of daily practice of Twin hearts and Arhatic Yoga Soul Meditation
  • PSR (Software Engineer in a leading MNC), writes: 1st day:- I saw 1000s of golden star circulate starting smaller from the centre of the heart becoming bigger, circulating away from the heart. I felt very calm and quiet after the meditations. 2nd day: I saw golden chakra throwing rays outside this chakra was perpendicular to my hear. On Top of my head I saw golden lotus carrying three men, entering my body from the top of my head. Then I aw a transparent ball with green and blue color. Inside a beautiful baby floating on these blue and green colors. I was feeling very light.. 
  • JM (Home maker, Bangalore), writes: In Pranic Healing I had a good experience. We learnt how to heal others and heal our self and the meditation on the twin hearts. In Twin heart Meditation I saw star shining in the sky with a bright light. It was too bright in the heart. After the doing the basic course I want to learn more and more about pranic healing So that I can heal other better. We have learnt to keep our self happy, joyful. Make others happy with the help of meditation. We forget our sorrows, sadness and feel happy and get lots of divine energy. I am very happy doing the course and help others.
  • NP(Lead Actor Movies and Television Serials), writes: This is the first time I am attending a meditation session. I have no idea what it is all about. After my first session of the twin hearts meditation I felt great. It was a different and wonderful experience. A memorable one. It was some kind of colorful graphics rolling in my mind during the meditation. Once I opened my eyes after the meditation the world felt new to me. It was refreshing and energizing. The second day was still better than the first session. I could feel a new and wonderful person developing within me. It’s a simply great experience.  Thanks to my Master. 
  • SVS (Student of Management, Indian Institue of Management), writes: First session was less powerful with lot of negative thoughts. I was able to see the earth and a Golden ball with a violet center. And then a large violet ball alternating with golden fire ball. There was divine peace, overall relaxation and Happiness Second Session (More powerful with less of the -ve thoughts). I was able to see the earth and a Golden ball with a violet center. And then a large violet ball alternating with golden fire ball. There was more divine peace, relaxation and happiness
  • N (Student of Software, SAS), writes:
    In MTH, I saw golden buddha statue and a big tree. After that I went expansion of consciousness then I saw a complete flower.
  • YS(Retired Civil Engineer and Builder, Hyd), writes
    During Twin heart Meditation, I felt very tranquil calm and peaceful. No external thoughts are external disturbances were there. Only awareness was there. I felt some energy is flowing from outside into me through the crown chakra and energies the entire body My outlook towards world is changing. All people looking familiar to me and I want to be kind to them and love is flowing towards them
  • VM(Software Engineer, MNC at Hyd), writes During my first session of Twin Hearts meditation I felt there was something rotating on my head and chest area. It was very beautiful and golden in color. I felt lot energies flow from my palms
  • AM (Content Development Manager in a Leading MNC) writes :During my first session of Twin Hearts meditation, My heart was overflowing with love , joy and peace. During chanting of OM and meditating on the brilliant star on the crown, I felt there was something swirling and coming down into me from the brilliant star.
  • VP (Software Engineer in a Leading MNC) writes:
    Hi Ram, After taking the pranic healing and practicing daily the twin heart meditation, I believe I am thoroughly cured, not only of poor health, but of all emotional turmoils.  I have regained health, spirits, and confidence. Before the class I was a very short tempered person and used to do the things in a hurry burry manner. But after the class I am totally a new person and this comment came from none other than my parents.  And last but not the least practicing twin heart mediation with a desire in mind is coming true!
    And thanks a lot Ram for changing me to the person what I wanted to be.Thanks,
  • MG (Project Manager in Leading Software Company) Session 1:- The flow of energy & warmth was an experience which is totally new. That touched my heart and soul. Session 2: Before the session I had a terrible stomach ache so much that I could barely sit and now post meditation the pain doesn’t exist. I could also experience energy flowing from my finger tips to the earth and all those around me!. Thank you so much
  • JC(Sofware Professional in Leading Telecom)
    After a long time, I was able to concentrate for the whole time during the meditation. I also experienced a good relief from my migration and feel a lot energized here. Mr Ram is very enthusiastic person and has brought spirit in s to learn pranic healing for the betterment of ourselves as well as all. A wonderful experience My second day at pranic healing is much better than the first day, I thoroughly enjoyed the twin hearts meditation and could actually feel the energy flowing out of me. I am relieved from all the tensions and stress. I have learnt to forgive people and will forget the bitter memories soon. Thanks Ram and Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.
  • PDT
    I felt relaxed, Felt and saw light when chanting OM.
  • MNPS(Sofware Professional in Leading Telecom) With the meditation first of all I am feeling very relaxed and energized and free from tensions and worries. A light I can see in front of my eyes but I cant see my body in the scene. Only my mind my eyes and stillness, calmness in there, May be this has given me more relaxation
  • PSK (Sofware Professional in Leading S/w) I have had a great experience. Feeling of peace is very good feeling that you forgive others is very comforting that you ask for forgiveness is relieving. During the meditation, I feel the entire body being energized. Initially I was very doubtful, but still wanted give this a try. Now I feel I should tell everyone to try it without a closed and mind.

  • N(Student of Software, SAS), writes: In today in MTH, I saw a big tree. Lord shirdi sai baba sat at the tree. I saw a statue of shirdi sai (white statue). The feet of Sai was very nice

  • NA(HR professional in leading MNC)
    This is the first time I have attended a meditation session and I did not know what to expect. During meditation I experienced a bring violet color flow. There were patterns forming, I was in a completely diff world cut off from everything. It was a good experience and I felt very light relaxed after that.
  • NA(Sales professional in S/w Co) I could experience of the positive feeling within me. I came here with a very open mind and now I realize how this positiveness can make this world a better place to live for e, my beloved ones and everyone else around me. Second session I fell light & strong.
  • VS(Regional Manager, Leading MNC) For new, I can feel my chakras rotating and pulsating with energy. Similarly the flow of energy from my hands I feel refreshed and light. Day2: Much Stronger today well synchronzied. The flow of energy was smooth and vibrant. I became aware of my heart chakra for the first time today. The crown and ajna were also strong. Nice feeling again refreshed and light.
  • BS(Business Manager, Leading Semiconductor MNC)
    The experience was very deep and satisfying, yet the same as my experiences over 20 years with different other forms of meditation. The deeper questions of reality seems remain unanswered, and so I will have to continue searching. Both Days I have felt explicably blank and relaxed. I didn’t feel any chak
  • AAZ(Doc of Philosophy, Fiction Writer, Techinical Writer at a s/w company) I am an agnostic, which perhaps doesn’t allow me to feel what is suggested. Perhaps pranic healing is for for believers who are either more open or more susceptible (the view depends on ones perspective). The teacher is very tolerant person (rather rare amongst spiritual people). I am grateful for his kindness.
  • HK(Software Professional in Leading Sofware MNC)
    Very pleasant experience during the meditation. This will help priests to understand why some rituals are done in temple in certain way.
  • NR (Student of Homeopathy) Session 1:- It was a very good meditation I have forgiven all those people who I dislike this part of forgiving was very harmonious. We do many things for ourselves. But this time I felt glad to do something for earth. I don’t know how to describe but I felt it was beneficial. Session 2: This time I felt little heaviness in the chest are while meditating. Other than that the experience was the same as previous one.
  • AA(Software Engineer in Leading MNC) 1st session:- I felt very light and relaxed while I was receiving the energy from the start upon my crown chakra. Ifelt rays of light passing into my head and other part of my body. At one point I fel a jerk like sensation or I fel as I will faint down, after that I felt very light and relaxed. 2nd session:- After doing the MTh for the second time. I felt more relaxed; light as if I just got up from the bed after a good sleep.
  • CSK(Retired from Govt Service) 1st session:- I felt some jerks and shooting pressing in my right temple chakra and then I relaxed. 2nd session:- I felt very happy and light while blessing the earth. I felt lot of energy passing through me.
  • TVKS (Project Manager in Leading MNC) 1st session:- My head and heart were heavy before meditation. I felt very light and relaxed after the meditation. I also feeling as a saint blessing all the human beings 2nd session:- the relaxation has improved. I am feeling that I have gained inner power and peace. Looking around me I look at the world with fill of clarity. With clear vision and clear mind.
  • RML(Asst. Professor in Engineering College) 1st session:- I had gone into a trance for sometime. Really eager to do this meditation again. 2nd session:- gone into deep trance. Felt energized, calm and quite!
  • MBK (Software Eng in Leading MNC) 1st session:- I find the meditation a good and quick way to forgive and bless people. I found that we are blessed with love when we bless others. Feel a lot peaceful 2nd session:- I just feel a shift in my consciousness.
  • VP(S/w professional in MNC) Ram always asked about the testimonial. Here I am, very proudly writing this testimonial. "In life everyone has a dream to do something, to achieve something. I too had a dream since my teen days, whenever I used to hear about the Software Engineers working in foreign countries, I used to feel proud about them and also thought that I would achieve this one day. But that never came to me, worked hard for that since last 2.5 years, but luck was not on my side. It all changed from when I started practicing Twin-Heart and sticking to guidelines of Pranic Healing. Really the Twin-Heart meditation is powerful; I kept only one goal in my mind and started practicing Twin-heart, you will wonder to hear that the onsite opportunity came searching for me. I was really surprised by that, but I didn't stop practicing that, Still there are miracles which are continuing because of that, right from my visa stamping till now. And now I am writing to you all from Onsite only. Really, very thankful to Ram for this." 
  • TA(Office Admin Assistant) I found a great being (some swamiji) standing near me. I felt peace. 
  • Unsigned During Meditation, there was a feeling of peace and lightness in the body and mind
  • PS(S/w professional in MNC) First session, In the begining I felt a lot of heaviness but gradually everything faded and i started feeling energy flow in my body. There was thoughtlessness for some time I felt a lot of energy. Felt very light after the whole process.
  • AG(S/w professional in MNC) Somewhere in the middle of the meditation process, the mind reached a thoughtless state, especially while chanting Om. Felt little light after the p[rocess. Since I am meditating since the last 2 years, its always been a enriching experience
  • Unsigned First session, I was in a blank state for long time. Second session there was heaviness in my head
  • Unsigned The experience left me with a very calm state of mind. I feel lighter and have a positive feeling
  • Unsigned During Meditation, feeling lighter, calmer and at peace. Second session, feeling happiness, joy and wellbeing
  • Unsigned Felt good and light during the Meditation