• Vijay, (working as Software Developer in Leading MNC) writes about the experience on attending the Pranic Healing Class as below:
    The class started off in a relaxed setting. People were making small talk and talking to the instructor for a few minutes before the actual class began. The class was very practical. Right from the start, we were doing things we didn't imagine we could do —like measuring auras reasonably accurately, measuring the strength of each chakra. The instructor was knowledgeable and patient. He didn't rush us through the exercises and spent enough time to ensure that all of us learnt whatever we were supposed to, before moving on. The book was a great help and the photographs helped us understand the concepts better. The best part of the course is that all the people had fun while learning. The fact that we could experience and do things like transmit and receive energy made it all the more interesting. The best part was when the instructor transmitted energy to one of our hands without telling us which one, and all the students knew that energy was coming into their left hands. The meditation session was very good. It was different from any other technique I learnt elsewhere, but very effective. All the students felt relaxed after the session. I would recommend this class to one and all because in addition to pranic healing, you will learn a great meditation technique and also understand things about our body that you never really knew by practical experience.