• GK (Senior Executive in leading MNC), writes:
    To whomsoever it may concern I had suffered fractures in both my hands, and was in casts for six weeks. Thereafter, during the course of rehabilitation, I had to undergo physiotherapy. I had approached Sri Ramakrishnan Nagasamy, a well known Pranic healer for help with healing, as a supplement to my physio rehab. He has done remote healing for a month, and I do feel that this has made a lot of difference to my overall recovery. The hand pains are indeed much less, and the hand functions are vastly improved. This is my first experience of Pranic healing, and the totally unobtrusive way of healing is something remarkable. Best Wishes
  • AM (Pranic Healer and Content Dev Manager in a leading MNC), writes:
    I wanted to share some Pranic healing results with you. One very close friend of my stays in UK. She lost her smell 1.5 years back and doctors said there is little chance of getting it back. I started applying Pranic distant healing for her 2 months back, and within 3 weeks she could smell intermittently and within 5 weeks she fully regained her smell. Also, she has a chronic asthma and I started distant Pranic healing for that after this. Within, 3 weeks again she has started feeling much better, and I am sure this would get cured within a few weeks. In fact one of my key reasons for learning Pranic healing was to heal her, and I would like to extend my thanks to you and Panic Healing organization for this.
  • VH (Working in leading MNC)

    Healer: MT

    I am MT's colleague. He happens to always post about Pranic healing in our office's database called " News & Views". I am also interested in Pranic healing and I did read some basics also. What took me to MTis that, I have a problem of irregular periods. I got married 10 months ago and both of us wanted to have a child very soon.

    I did go to my gynic who started to treat me. Along with that, I asked MT's help to heal me.He readily accepted and I happened to take 7 to 8 sessions from him.  I must say, he is a good healer. I used to get relaxed and felt healed after each session. Surprisingly, I conceived in the same month and I am in my 3rd month of pregnancy. I am grateful to MT for his support and healings.... . Many thanks to you MT and Master Choa Kok Sui
  • JC (Software Developer in leading MNC), writes:
    I'm a 24 year old girl, pregnant since last 4 months. In my second trimester, I started developing low BP, which led to severe headaches. no medicine was working on me. It made me more depressed, and made my life painful. It was then I asked Ram to heal me using the Pranic Techniques. He started healing me everyday for a week. During the healing sessions, I used to feel immense energy around me. Slowly I started feeling better, and almost at the end of a week's treatment, when I went for a checkup, my BP was normal, and didnt have any headache. Thanks to Ram, I dont suffer from them anymore.
  • AA (Consultant in a leading MNC) When I attended PH class I had a bad cold and as I had lime water it increased the sneezing and discomfort all the more. Ram performed healing, which made me feel good & relieved from cold & sneezing immediately. That day I slept very pleasantly without nostril blockages. In past I had to take antibiotics  for cold & sinus each time I caught cold. But this time, I didn't have to take anything like that and I slept comfortably after due Pranic Healing given to me. Earlier during my school I had a severe fever and lost my hearing in my right ear after that. As I had the sinus problem since a long time, my hearing in my right ear was all the more affected also. I consulted good doctors for my hearing problem. They gave up their effort, for helping me to recover complete hearing, rather they suggested for hearing aid machine. When I mentioned this Ram, he immediately healed me for that too. It was a very surprising for me as I was able to hear little (around 30%). Ram said that that after some sessions I will be healed more and will get back my hearing. I had another long standing (almost 1 year) pain in my right hand. during the PH intro lecture at our office, healers healed me. I felt good but the pain was still there during the night. He also healed me for the pain. After the healing session at the end of the class, I don’t have any pain now. Now I totally agree that PH will do miracles to improve one's health and  mental peace. -AA
  • MJ (Development Manager in a leading MNC), writes: “I had pain in my wrists and elbows plus a high blood pressure. Ram did Pranic healing on me for a demonstration. The results were remarkable for a small amount of healing – the pain subsided and my headache reduced for quite some time. I would recommend this to everyone”
  • RK (Consultant in a leading MNC), writes: I was suffering from acute Tonsillitis since almost 2 months. I changed 3 doctors in this time span for curing my ailment. These doctors keep on giving me the heavy antibiotics every now and then. But all in vain. I had lost all my hopes when there was no improvement in my ailment. But it was a very big surprise for me that after attending first session of Pranic healing from my friend Ram I see a lots of improvement in my condition. It is simply amazing!!! Now I have full faith in pranic healing and very soon I want to learn this powerful technique of healing. Thanks Ram for all your efforts. Thanks & Regards RK | Consultant | MGSI
  • Ram writes: My experience with Miraculous healing This is a sensational recovery due to the efforts of 3 higher beings and a pranic healer. SN joined our company at hyderabad in May of 2005. He was quite happy to join the company as it was his dream come true to join our company. He was a very enthusiastic. He joined a growing dept and was undergoing the training programs and was already working late into the nights in the project. Bad Night His friend MM had purchased a brand new motorbike. On the eventful day (30th Jun 2006) MM was going back home quite late in the night - past 11pm in the night. Since the bike was new, MM wanted to drive very fast. SN was the pillion rider. The were speeding 100+ kmph on a very curving road. That night, the visibility on the road was bad and they hit the curb and fell. Badly. MM was wearing a helmet so he didn’t have injuries in his head but he had broken his neck. SN was injured very badly skull broken - severe trauma injuries in head, leg broken. Was bleeding too much. Noori Cab cars which was passing by stopped and the drivers were shocked by the gory nature of the accident. They debating as to who should be taken to the hospital. Then both were taken to the hospital. Mathi had passed away on the way. Apollo Hospital declared him Brought Dead. SN had a tougher chance of survival. He had lost most of the blood. He was only on Oxygen and IV Saline water and blood Transfusion. Vital signs were quite low. His father came to Mumbai and miraculously was picked up by a car and dropped at the airport. He flew to hyderabad. I can understand how bad he must have felt when traveling to hyderabad and the hospital. Doctors at Apollo felt helpless on the situation. Every doctor attending to SN was saying "let him go away". For next 10 days he was in coma. Pranic Healer's side of the story I am a pranic healer. I was just practicing pranic healing in a small way. I heard about the accident and the SN was in hospital. I offered to heal. Since I didn’t know what the problems were in SN's body. So in the evening I applied pranic healing - used the divine energy healing techniques. I prayed for the supreme being to assign healing angels and healing ministers for healing SN. When I was healing SN, I felt the presence of a Healing Minister of Golden Color and 2 healing angel with great healing energies. I knew the help had come. I then talked to NN (SN's Father) and told him that his son would survive and but would take some time to recover well. NN's Guruji His Holiness Om Sadguru Vishwatmak Jangli Maharaj also told him that SN would survive. I did healing for 10 to 15 sessions. I don’t remember exactly how many. Every day some news on his condition improvements was coming. But I was finding it difficult to heal due to my own activities or being forgetful. On one healing session, I felt that the healing minister and healing angels saying to me that they would take care of SN. SN's Father's experience SN's father is very spiritual person. He and his family are so gentle people that they didn’t expect such an accident. After hearing from me to keep a small amount of Rs 11/day till his son got alright. He religiously did that for 30 days. In all the 30 days they saw miraculous recovery of his health. Nanaji used to meditate and used to hear sound of people discussing the well being and even once mentioned "has gone away". He was worried that his son might have passed away and might be hearing the new soon. But the news he received was very pleasant - some of ailment has gone away SN's Mother's experience SN mother also experienced dreams of his son visiting her. She felt SN was accompanied by NN's Guruji and 2 other being. She described them as Rahu and Shani bhagawan. Deities of Rahu and Saturn. As they were wearing blue and black colored clothes. Guruji says to SN: "This is your mother. Look at her" and then after a few moments they go away. She got the news that SN became conscious after a few days, her hand would move on its own and the news that SN has moved his hands in the hospital would arrive. Similarly something would happen to her and the news of improvement would come from the hospital.  
  • VM (Lead Developer in a leading MNC) One day, my wife was reading a book and I told her that I could send her to sleep by using a technique I learned during the Pranic Healing course. Naturally, she was skeptical and challenged me. I did a thorough general sweeping from front and back, and she commented that she felt calmer, but not sleepy. I went into the next room and returned in a couple of minutes, to find my wife sleeping on our diwan. She slept soundly for an hour and was really surprised that this technique worked.
  • Jan 05 - Treating VP for sore throat VP is a colleague. He was not feeling well today. He had been having sore throat for past 1 week to 10 days. When I met him in the morning I could see that he was quite down. He was feeling very down feverish and sore throat unable to swallow anything. I said I will heal him. I applied pranic healing protocol for sore throat. cleaned his energy body. I had assigned healing angel for his quick healing. After the session was completed, he said he felt better. We chatted for a while. before leaving he felt very good. He was amazed. He said the recovery was miraculous. I asked him how it was before and how it after healing and after 4 hours how it was: he said 1. How bad was it before healing? [VP] It was bad that i felt irritation in the throat. 2. How better it was after healing? [VP] it is better such that irritation has come down, and very much reduced pain while swallowing. 3. How better it is after 4 hours (now)? [VP] after 4 hours, irritation is still down, very much reduced pain while swallowing.
  • My Wife pregnant with our second child. She was in the fourth month+. She was in the kitchen and was preparing food for the our daughter and ourselves. When she was trying to move the boiling oil from the stove to the couter top, the oil spilled on her hand and hurt her badly. When I reached the kitchen she had already poured cold water. I then applied pranic healing techniques after invoking for the supreme being's help. She was feel cool immediately. the burning sensation stopped after a 5 minutes. I worked the area for next 10 minutes. even after man hours there was no boils or scars or any reddishness in the hand. She had forgotten the incident quickly. This was quite important for the baby also.
  • More Healings - Healing Painful Wrist This was before I did any course in Pranic Healing. I was atmy friend Aditya's home in ameerpet. He was having a painful wrist. I asked him if I heal him. I cupped both my hands around the wrist which was paining and made an intend to heal and said a short prayer to supreme being for healing my friend. (After I learn PH, i came to go to know that in PH it is called double energizing). I become aware of my palms and did pranayanam in slow and steady manner and made an intension to send soothing energies to his wrist and in turn heal and relieve his pain. I continued to send the soothing energies for 2 minutes. Aditya said he felt relieved and didnt have pain in his wrist.
  • Healing Severe Headache I was visiting Delhi and V. had a severe one sided headache. Since V was a docter, I was thinking V might not be interested to experiment with Pranic Healing. Neverthless, I used advanced techniques of pranic healing and worked at energy level for 30 minutes and removed the headache. Apart from that, V also was stressed to some extent. After the pranic healing protocol was completed. V was quite happy say the head ache had vanished . V had a good sleep after that session.
  • Healing Wrist Stiffness and Pain On a trip to Delhi, I met S, who has a baby boy. While carrying the baby and trying to get up, S had sprained the left wrist, a couple of months back. S was having severe pains when lifting weight or the baby. It was difficult to do anything which required the use of the wrist. I asked S at where it was paining? She pointed to the spot in the wrist. I wanted to confirm the spot. So I asked "Is this the spot?" When I pointed my finger to the spot and mentally said "heal", S felt a sudden soothing feeling and there was instanenous healing. S moved the wrist again and figured out the the wrist had healed and there was no more discomfort. S was amazed at healing. I just smiled. I also was amazed at the quick transfer of pranic energy just with the intent to heal.